Born in Malaga (Spain) on January 7, 1988. (Download Curriculum Vitae – Julián Laguna Vicioso)

He started his musical studies at the age of 4 years in his hometown of Málaga, studying flute at the school “El Limonar”, the only school he passed through and where he took the Baccalaureate.

At age 10 he entered the Conservatory of Elementary and Middle School: Ateneo De Música y Danza (Malaga) where he specialized in piano, and in which he continued until finishing and obtaining the Professional Degree of that instrument, taking during that time Classes of many professors among which it is possible to emphasize to D. Hugo Martín Abreu, obtaining the maximum qualifications. During this period he received harmony lessons from Rafael Reygaza, but his piano teacher “Abreu” was the one who introduced him more deeply into the world of composition.

He is currently completing his composition studies with the professors D. Ramón Roldán and Maria Dolores Romero at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga (CSM) and also composes pieces that are performed by the Orquesta Promúsica and the Orquesta de Conservatorio Superior De Málaga.

He also has studies in orchestral direction and experience in the same, thanks to the teachers D. David García and D. José Carlos Carmona, who gave him class in the CSM, directing during that time diverse groupings of camera and orchestras of the province of Malaga.

He has given piano lessons to different youngsters during the summers of these last years.

He has played piano at the end of the year in prestigious Malaga hotels, such as the “Hotel Barceló” and also in various bars and restaurants in the city. In turn has given numerous concerts to the piano in different places, such as in the local “Atrio Málaga”.

He has appeared on numerous occasions on in the section of “the classics”, listening to a lot of works in it.


His work is extensive (more than 130 works), covering most different musical forms, such as works for orchestra, concerts for piano, rondós, waltzes, minuetos, sonatas, fantasias, nocturnes, studies, dances, preludes, suites, pieces for Solo voice with accompaniment of piano (pop), atonal pieces with character of minueto, other pieces without a specific form and the Requiem. While it is true that most of his works are for piano, given the number of works he presents there is a considerable number of works for groups of more instruments. He has premiered works for numerous chamber ensembles, for orchestral ensembles, as well as for solo instruments. Works of meritorious character include: the work ¨ Those Marvelous Memories “, dedicated to the Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninof; The play “The Transcendental”, dedicated to the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi; “Dinosaurs” dedicated to the American composer John Williams, or the work “Final Fantasy” dedicated to the same game Final Fantasy and composer Nobuo Uematsu. We will also emphasize his Requiem, the work of four soloists where different musical styles merge into one.

The musical style of his works is varied, predominating the pop style (vocal soloist with piano accompaniment). Composer with wide versatility. Even so, his music has a very personal style, remaining recognizable in most of his works.


  • • To the 10 years composes his first work “La malagueña” (for piano), whose duration does not exceed 15 sec. Since then, he has been self-taught as a composer, also counting on the influence of the classes he received from the Ateneo de Música y Danza (from Málaga) and later from classes received in composition at the Conservatory of Málaga.
  • • Very interested from a young age by audiovisual music and philosophy, astronomy, animals and dinosaurs.
  • • With great awareness and curiosity before the world, he tries to discover the secrets and truths that this can offer, carrying out numerous writings and essays.
  • • In his free time he is dedicated to playing basketball, and composing music, among others.